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5 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD for Dogs!


If you have heard about CBD for your pets, but you’re not sure what it’s all about, then below are 5 things you probably didn’t know about CBD for dogs!


Many health professionals are talking up the natural and healthy benefits of CBD for humans, but what you may not realize is that CBD is actually great for dogs and other pets too. While humans have been taking advantage of the health benefits associated with CBD for thousands of years, it’s only been over the last decade that we’ve started to learn about the benefits of CBD for dogs and other pets.





Below we’ll look at 5 things you didn’t know about CBD for dogs!



1. CBD Isn’t Psychoactive – Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound which is found in both hemp and cannabis plants. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties and won’t get you or your pet high. When you purchase CBD oils for your pets, always ensure that you’re getting THC free product.



2. CBD Can Reduce Anxiety – If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or situational anxiety, especially on fireworks nights, then CBD could be the ideal way to relax them and reduce that anxiety.


3. CBD Can Help to Fight Cancer – Research has shown that CBD oil and other compounds in the hemp plant can have an anti-tumor effect. Some studies have shown that CBD products can stop cancer cells from growing and increase tumor cell death.


4. CBD for the Treatment of Epilepsy and Seizures Current estimates put the number of dogs with epilepsy at 5%. Most of the dogs which suffer from seizures are treated with either potassium bromide or phenobarbital. These drugs may work well, but they also come with their own negative side-effects. CBD has been shown to work well in drug-resistant epilepsy and dogs usually show improvement after as little as 3 months.


5. CBD for Pain ReliefStudies have shown that CBD is an effective way to treat chronic pain, reduce inflammation in joints and muscles.