Beware: Misinformation is rampant Coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV

A deadly virus appeared in Wuhan, China in December (now called 2019 novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV). As the number of cases rises, you’re wondering

How likely it is that you or a loved one will become ill

How to prevent this.

Just as the virus has spread, so have unfounded claims. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, have seen false and misleading posts about 2019-nCoV :

  • US government had created and patented a vaccine for coronavirus years ago, shared with 5,000 Facebook users
  • Sales of unproven “nonmedical immune boosters” to help people ward off 2019-nCoV


“A virus is not a living organism” “it’s simply a well-organized molecule or parasite”,  Fabio Romerio of The Institute of Human Virology


What is a Virus?

 A virus lacks the ability to replicate on its own

A virus needs the help of a host 


We have about  380 Trillion viruses living in us at one time and 38  Trillion bacteria 



Strengthen Your Immune System

  •  Deal effectively with your Physical, Chemical, and Emotional stressors
  •  Meditation, Prayer and Fasting
  • Vitamin D equals 5000 to 50000 I use per day for 2 weeks
  •  Vitamin C with ribose equals 5000 mg to 10000 mg per day watch bowel intolerance
  • Magnesium 500 mg per day
  • Deep sleep
  • Sauna parentheses (infrared) or body wraps in heavy towels to create sweats
  • Hot soups that include garlic, onion, Ginger or root veggies and  hot liquids
  • Exercise (mild)
  • Conscious breathing or Wim Hof method
  • Essential oils, thieves. oregano Etc
  • Colloidal silver nebulizer
  • Hydrogen peroxide in the humidifier


You are made in the image and likeness of God. You were made to live and survive  on this planet. The media is designed to panic you and the drug companies are just fine to make money off of this crisis. Bill Gates has his 2.01 and Soros his Ag tech.  When considering a new infectious disease about which so much is still unknown, it’s important to seek out reliable information and act on it.  Be skeptical