Three Necessary S’s for Immunity (Fourth Optional)

Everybody is worried about the CCP Virus now and trying to protect themselves in so many ways. Here are three tips I have learned that can help your immunity NOW!.

All 3 will boost your immune system in a profound way and make you bulletproof to ensure that any cold, flu or virus only has a mild effect. It will also make you physically more resilient across a host of other more long-term diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc…. Often we don’t worry about these ailments because they impact us slowly!

Here are the 3 S’s:



Reducing STRESS

Stress will wreck your immune system’s ability to respond in a normal way. 

The best way to reduce stress is to sleep more. AND the best way to sleep more is to get more sunshine. More will be said about the relationship between stress, sleep, and sunshine below. 

The following things you can do to reduce stress 

  •   Do not watch the news on TV, the internet or social media. They are designed to shock and grab attention. At the end of the day they are a business all about ratings to raise advertising dollars, even the ABC gets government funding based on ratings.
  •   Stay away from people who are pre-occupied with talking about the pandemic. They will infect your mind with fear. And trust me when I say, this is worse than the virus.
  •   Live frugally. Instead of eating out, cook at home. And eat together with the TV off and no phones on the table. Spending wisely takes the pressure off you financially.
  •   If you do get stressed at any time, stand up, go for a walk, take a break, breathe deeply in for 4, hold for 5 and out for a 7 second count.
  •   Don’t work too many hours. Stop work at 5pm or your designated time. It’s not about hours worked, it’s about effectiveness at work.
  •   But stay productive. Work fulfills us when we give 100%. There is nothing better at the end of the day than the feeling that you have achieved something. It relaxes you and makes you feel worthy of your leisure time.
  •   Keep doing what you are doing, just do it differently. Don’t abandon your goals and dreams in the 8 areas of life because of social distancing. Can’t work out in the gym? Go outside. Can’t go to the movies? Watch a movie at home or read a book. Commit to life education, not just entertainment. 
  •   Live with gratitude. Feeling grateful throughout the day is the best antidote to stress.
  •   Watch comedy at night.


Just about every expert has sleep at the top of their list to improve just about everything from beauty to brain power.

The following tips is a compilation of their advice:

  •   Avoid any artificial light at night for at least 1 hour before you prepare for bed. Dim the backlight on your TV and turn off all devices one hour before bed.
  •   Eat light meals at night and if you are going to have a big meal, make it at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  •   Avoid alcohol at night
  •   Avoid caffeine after 2pm – if you are sensitive to caffeine eliminate altogether. You can have genetic tests to determine your ability to metabolize caffeine. 
  •   Socialize in the evening before bedtime. Not by text. Face to face with Zoom or facetime. 


We are solar-powered. The sun influences not just our immunity but our mood. When we expose our skin and our eyes to the sun a complex series of electrical and biological processes are triggered to boost good bacteria in our gut. These bacteria trigger the production of serotonin (feel good) and melatonin (energy and sleep). Together they will improve your ability to get to sleep and the quality of that sleep. And this will reduce your stress levels considerably. So it is the combination of all 3 S’s. that will make you stronger to resist any viral attack on your body.

But consider one more important point. Sunshine at the right time of the day will boost your Vitamin D levels. This vitamin which is in fact a hormone is super powerful to resist not only viral and bacterial disease but also long-term disease such as cancer.

Is there a link between Covid19 and Vitamin D? It is interesting to note that the most severe impact of Covid has been in areas of the northern hemisphere at the end of a cold winter when Vitamin D levels are lowest. No doubt in months and years to come there will be research showing the strong correlation between the severity of symptoms and vitamin D levels.

In fact, during the Spanish flu, they started healing patients by taking them outside of the hospitals and into the sun. 

Note the following tips for sunshine:

  •   Vitamin D only gets produced when the UVB levels are over a certain limit. Check out the governments ARPANSA website for that level. But generally it is when your shadow is shorter than your height.
  •   UVB cannot get through glass windows = no Vitamin D
  •   People with darker skin need more time in the sun. Need to know how much sun to get for you? Generally your body will send you signals that you have enough. If you start to sweat and your heart rate elevates then its time to get out of the sun.
  •   The sun needs to hit your skin otherwise Vitamin D cannot be produced. It cannot get through clothes or sunscreen. So it is best yo wear a hat and sunscreen for your face but the rest of the body needs to get direct sun.

Supplements – The 4th Optional S

There are so many supplements that I covered in my previous posts. But if I had to choose 3 of the most essential nutrients it would be the following:

  •   Vitamin C 
  •   Zinc
  •   Vitamin D3

Natural sources of these nutrients are best but if you have to supplement then that is better than nothing.



Please note that the most valued quality during this time and one that people will remember most

is your ability to stay calm. This does not mean ignoring health safety measures. It means going

about your life in a different way, with no fuss and no Doomsday’ing.

“This too shall pass…”


 Psalms 107:29  He makes the storm into a calm, so that the waves are at peace