Ultraviolet (UV) Therapy for Treating the Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A new (cough) therapy is coming to a hospital near you.

Developed by Cedars-Sinai hospital, Healight Platform Technology for worldwide commercial release, so hospitals everywhere are soon to adopt it.

A safe treatment for coronavirus and other respiratory infections,” healight utilizes proprietary methods of administering intermittent UVA light using a novel endotracheal medical device

China now has installed UV Lights in buses and malls and other places where people gather.

We are still waiting on the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about developing a near-term path that would enable early use of healight technology to treat Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients suffering in intensive care units (ICUs). Healight may also be useful in treating ventilator associated pneumonia, or VAP.

“Our team has shown that administering a specific spectrum of UV-A light can eradicate viruses in infected human cells (including coronavirus) and bacteria in the area while preserving healthy cells.”

“This therapeutic approach has the potential to significantly impact the high morbidity of coronavirus-infected patients and patients infected with other respiratory pathogens.

UV light is already used to disinfect hospital rooms, equipment

UVC light has a part to play in the fight against the coronavirus. In China and Italy, UVC-wielding robots reportedly are being deployed to disinfect hospitals

Those with critical illnesses could benefit from a treatment that, especially compared to pharmaceuticals and vaccines, is minimally invasive and more than likely safe.

Extending this technology to direct treatment would seem to be the logical next step.

Since natural UV light from the sun is fully capable of destroying harmful bacteria on skin, as well as viruses and other microbes, similar benefits could be had from artificial UV rays generated by medical devices can be widely implemented across the world.

Sunlight can be a good disinfectant with other pathogens. Leon notes that’s why in the developing world, the World Health Organization recommends sterilizing water by putting it in plastic containers and leaving it outside in the sun for about five hours.

I have personally used a handheld ultraviolet light to disinfect my surroundings after I developed Mast Cell Activation Syndrome in 2013. I recommend you find one for your personal use and safety on Amazon

Malachi 4: 2 (KJV)   …the Sun of righteousness arise with healing …