The Spirit Realm

 How much value do you place on The Spirit Realm?

Do you think it is more tangible than you think it is to our reality?

Developing this awareness lets us know that God is more present than we think or know or understand. If that is the case how does The Spirit Realm become more alive to us?

Are we just mere Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience or are we Spiritual Being having a Human Experience?

Ask God to give you a Spiritual Experience.      We were designed by God to have a spiritual experience. God created the core of man as Spirit, Soul, and Body in that order.

If we believe in the tangibility of the spirit realm then we can believe in Matthew 6 prayer of Heaven on Earth. 

How do we bring Heaven on earth? God wants us to manifest Heaven on Earth in our environment. This means in our homes, in our children’s lives, in our business. He wants Heaven on our street and on Wall Street.

God did not just write a book two thousand years ago and then go silent. All of that The Spirit Realm did not just die out.

Remember in  1Corinthians 14: 1 Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the  Spirit, especially prophecy.

God wanted his word to remain tangible. That is how God started the world and the galaxy in Genisis 1cwas by speaking it into order. God completes the cycle by allowing us to be a part of this creative cycle,   Speaking the words of God into our Lives.

We get to speak the glories of God and to continue to make tangible the word of God.

Scientists in the quantum world have been able to pinpoint how a spoken word, repeated enough times “pops the quiff” and comes from the subatomic realm into the Tangible. That is not just a scientific thing it is also very Biblical. The Lord said if you decree a thing and it will be established Job 22: 28.

Faith makes the Heavenly spirit realm come alive. It makes it tangible and you see it is already there.

Fear makes the Demonic realm come alive and make it visible also.

Which realm do you operate in?

Both God and the Devil are buying for your mind.