New Years Resolutions

2021 is finally over and resolutions are being made for 2022.  Uncertain events have taught us,  that sometimes our goals are hard to reach.

Several like weight loss, health, relationship, academic, and workplace goals set at the beginning of 2021 have seemed nearly impossible to obtain during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Amidst the virus, supply change shortages, closures of many local businesses, the cancellation of important events, one thing was made very clear:    God’s plan cannot be stopped.

Resolutions are often forgotten by the second or third month of the new year.

Challenges often get in the way of goals set in a resolution, making them harder to achieve than anticipated.

But a covenant from God is different. It is a promise that He will fulfill, and it is backed by His power. God never breaks His promises, and that is one thing that makes Him different.

Other world religions often require their followers to achieve certain goals in order for the god(s)’ promises to apply to them, but not my God. His Word is faithful and true.

Christians have Hope and can Rest and Know that the promises given to us in His Word apply at all times and that his will and purposes will be fulfilled.

All things work for the good of those who love God.  This is a truth that was made very clear during the year 2021. I never imagined that I would live through such a unique and difficult time period, but I am glad that I have experienced the challenges of this past year.

We made it through 2021; God brought us through. God got the glory through every loss and challenge.  He was my comfort. I could not imagine trying to walk through 2021 without God, yet some did.

Something doesn’t seem right. Many for the first time questioning. Their eyes see one thing but they are told another.  People perceive a spiritual component going on and are awakening to the fight of “Good Vs Evil”.

There is trouble believing the Government and the Media due to the hypocrisy and contradicting and changing information. 2020 Conspiracy Theories would get you thrown off social media are This Year’s Truths

Many believe our problems are Spiritual

People are awakening and don’t know where to turn. Sharing your experience and giving God the credit may lead someone to Christ who has no hope during this time. It is time to get busy!

Every year, I choose a word on January 1st that I call “my word of the year.” At the beginning of 2021, my word was “faithfulness,” and it rang true each and every day. For me, 2022 word will be  (still praying on).

I encourage you to maintain a similar attitude during 2022 and Share your Hope.