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Microcurrent is low-level electrical currents in the millionth of amp range. This modality helps increase my clinical results with pain relief, facial rejuvenation, emotional healing, weight loss and more.

The Acutron system combines the delivery of specific frequencies of microcurrent with color light therapy. It is applied through acupuncture points or to large body areas, as needed.

Countless times people I was treating with microcurrent, or those witnessing the treatment, have remarked that the results they saw were like “magic”. A Vietnam veteran with an implanted pain drug delivery pump, multiple spinal fusions and many other injuries and diseases saw his pain level plummet from a level “10” to a “4” after a 15 minute microcurrent and light session. He had previously had many traditional acupuncture treatments without relief. A realtor with a painful pinched nerve in her neck had a total release of pain after a 2 minute treatment. A 10 minute treatment of half of a 55 year old woman’s face using microcurrent facial rejuvenation techniques clearly opened and lifted her eye, smoothed crow’s feet, tightened her mouth and jaw line and made her facial coloration look like it had 20 years earlier.

Yet these effects are not supernatural. They are possible because every aspect of our bodies is pre-wired to respond to subtle electrical currents. Most parts of our bodies also produce endogenous electrical charges – including nerve cells, fascia (connective tissue), muscles, brain cells and our hearts. We truly have a “body electric”.